The Dart Team of 2

The Dart Team of 2 (Foil, Epee or Sabre Teams)

Teams of two made up of one experienced fencer and one less experienced. Unisex. Enter as an individual in the weapon of your choice. The entries are then ranked accordingly to experience and known ability. On the day, a separation will be made in each weapon between the more experienced and the less so. The higher ranked are put into one ‘hat’ and the lower ranked into another. The teams are then drawn and it is always a point of interest to see who you have.

It is not intended to be a deadly serious competition but it is hoped that it may encourage relative beginners (who may never before done a competition) to have a go with the feeling that they have the support and advice of their team mate. Equally of purpose to the experienced fencer who then has the exciting challenge of making up the hits their team mate may have given away! It can also be of good training to observe and advise your partner.

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