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About Us

Devon County Fencing Union (DCFU) represents fencers living in Devon or regularly fencing at a club or school in Devon. 

This website acts as a hub for Devon Fencing events, news, information and contact details.


We pride ourselves in making sure we support the fencers throughout Devon and bring everyone together in our annual competitions. 

Our Vision

The Devon Fencing Union seeks to promote a range of fencing opportunities for novice and experienced fencers and to help those interested in the sport to achieve their full potential.

Excalibur Team 2015
Excalibur Women's Epee Team 2015
Excalibur Men's Sabre Team
Excalibur Women's Foil Team
Excalibur Men's Epee Team
Excalibur Men's Sabre Team 2015
Devon Excalibur Team 2014

South West Fencing



British Fencing

FIE (International Fencing Federation)

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