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Devon Sabre Championships 2017 & Master of Arms

Alex Scott report of the 2017 Devon Sabre Championships and the Master of Arms for 2017.

The results of this season's 2017 Devon County Sabre Championships are attached, along with those for the Devon Masters at Arms competitions.

Izabela Sosnowska won the Ladies' competition, and with it the title of Devon Champion. Gabe Dunn won the Men's competition, with Jason Ball the best Devon fencer.

The Masters at Arms titles were won by Rebecca Lissmann and Tobias Holloway, both from Exeter University.

Thank you very much to everyone who helped to make all three Epee Foil and Sabre Championships a success. To all of the coaches for getting your fencers ready and motivated, to all of the parents and families for their support, to all of the volunteers and referees for keeping things moving smoothly on the day, and not least to the fencers themselves, without whom the competitions simply would not work.

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