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Devon Epee Championships 2017

The first of the 2017 County Championships were held last weekend in Exeter. With entrants from our neighbouring counties also in attendance, the day provided a tough competition with lots of fencing. Below are the victors:

Devon Epee Championships 2017 Mens Finalists

L-R: Nigel Manning (Plate Winner), Josh Letten (3rd overall and 1st Devon), Nathan Miller (1st and best veteran), Tobias Holloway (4th overall and 2nd Devon), Ned Wrigley (best cadet), Graham Nye (2nd in plate), Jonathan Mason (2nd).

Devon Epee Championships 2017 Womens Finalists

L-R: Emily Mills (2nd overall and 2nd Devon), Rebecca Lissmann (1st overall and 1st Devon), Lynne Bornemisza (3T and best veteran), Katy Miles (3T and best cadet)

Devon Epee Championships 2017 Mens
Devon Epee Championships 2017 Mens Final Match

See the full results from the Devon Epee Championships here >

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