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The Dart Junior Team of 2 Epee and Sabre (13 to u-18’s)

The Dart Junior Team of 2

Foil, Epee and Sabre

Sunday April 16th at

West Exe School,

Hatherleigh Road,



The Weapons

Epee and Sabre for School years 9 to 13 (subject to not being 18 or over on April 16th 2023).

Foil for School Years 5 to 9 (subject to not being 14 or over on April 16th 2023). Size 3 weapons

The Teams

Teams of two made up of one experienced fencer and one less experienced. Unisex. Enter as an individual in the weapon of your choice. The entries are then ranked accordingly to experience and known ability. On the day, a separation will be made in each weapon between the more experienced and the less so. The higher ranked are put into one ‘hat’ and the lower ranked into another. The teams are then drawn, and it is always a point of interest to see who you have.

The event is run as team relay, that is there are break points at every 5, and the next fencers take over the scores so far achieved. If on the day, we end up with an odd number (eg 11, 13etc) we create a team of 3 and have a break point at every 4 hits.

It is not intended to be a deadly serious competition but it is hoped that it may encourage relative beginners (who may never before done a competition) to have a go with the feeling that they have the support and advice of their team mate. Equally of purpose to the experienced fencer who then has the exciting challenge of making up the hits their team mate may have given away! It can also be of good training to observe and advise your partner.

Limited to 25 teams of 2 but no more than 9 teams in any weapon. Poule unique. Results judged on total victories, then indicator.

Check in

Opens 10.00am

Closes 10.15am

Start fencing 10.30am

Finish around 4.30pm

(Subject to amendment after the closing date depending on size of entry)

All events open to anyone who is a Recreational or Full member of the BFA and of appropriate age

Any queries: or

Tel.: 01803 865721

Contact on the day

07956 391751 (Jim) or

07900 325455 (Josh)

Entry fees:

£15 per person

(with an ‘early bird’ discount to £12 for entries received by 23.59 on 3rd April).

Please enter by email to and

pay by BACS to Newton Abbot Fencing Club, 60 21 48 a/c 94581576 or

make cheques payable to the Newton Abbot Fencing Club and send with an entry form to

Jim Pilkington

64 Fern Road

Newton Abbot

TQ12 4NZ

Closing date 23.59 on Thursday 13th April 2023

The Dart Junior team of 2 - April 2023
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